University of Nairobi abolishes offices of five deputy vice chancellors

University of Nairobi abolishes offices of five deputy vice chancellors

The radical changes at the University of Nairobi will see the offices of the deputy vice chancellors abolished.

These include DVC finance and planning, DVC human resource, DVC student affairs, DVC academic affairs and DCV research and innovation.

With the 5 position scrapped they will be replaced by 2 positions of associate vice chancellor

The positions of principals and deputy principals for the six University of Nairobi colleges have equally been abolished.

There are 8 principals in total across the six colleges.

These being the Humanity and Social Science college, Health Science, Education and External studies, Biological and Physical science, Architecture and Engineering and Agriculture and veterinary science colleges.

The colleges will now headed by deans, principals and deputy principals. with the roles of the principals and deputy principals gone. the colleges will be placed under a reorganised new positions of executive and associate deans

All the colleges have also been abolished and their functions reorganized around the leaner faculties. the faculties have equally been slashed and reduced from 35 faculties to only 11.

Research centers have been retained.

The university of Nairobi boasts of at least 14 research institutes including KAVI, Wangari Mathai institute, Institute of Development Studies among others.

These research centres to offer their core mandate of research and refrain from teaching

In effecting the transformation, the University Council Chairperson Professor Julia Ojiambo indicated this was necessitated by the need to eliminate duplication of functions and redundancies.

Equally the changes were geared towards improved efficiency in service delivery by aligning resources to functions and manage costs of service delivery.

To enhance accountability and utilise excess capacity at the university to generate more resources

The university council is confident that the structural changes at the University of Nairobi will result in quick decision making and greater financial discipline at the institution. the new structure replaces an almost 50 year old leadership and governance structure at the university. the vice chancellor position remains untouched


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