Video claiming Cheruiyot Kirui’s body was retrieved from Mount Everest is fake

Video claiming Cheruiyot Kirui’s body was retrieved from Mount Everest is fake

Screengrab of video showing climber's body retrieved from Mount Everest.

After the death of Kenyan mountain climber Cheruiyot Kirui, who attempted to summit Mount Everest without supplemental oxygen, little is known about the possibility of the mountaineer’s body being retrieved. 

Kirui was found dead near the summit of the world’s highest mountain. 

At the time when Nepal government officials confirmed his death, it was unclear when the body would be recovered because it would be difficult to carry out the operation at that altitude due to the low oxygen level.

On Sunday, a video of an operation in the Everest made rounds on social media, with users claiming that Kirui’s body was retrieved metres from the summit. 

The video showed a helicopter carrying a mountaineer’s body, which was received by fellow climbers. 

A fact check by Citizen Digital has found that the body shown in the video is not that of Kirui. 

A reverse search reveals that the video of the body recovery operation was shared on the Mountain.trekking Instagram page 3 weeks ago. 

The social media page shares videos and photos of mountaineers’ escapades at the Everest. 

Retrieving body from Everest

It is unclear when Kirui’s body will be retrieved from the Everest, where other mountaineers’ also lie lifeless. 

There are technical difficulties in retrieving a body from Everest as it requires navigating steep, icy slopes.  

In addition, bodies lie in inaccessible or dangerous locations, making it almost impossible to reach them without significant risk.

A number of Nepalese sherpas have lost their lives during operations to retrieve bodies from the highest mountain. 

In addition, the operation is pricey as the repatriation may cost millions. 


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