Wa-Iria: Jigger Menace Not A Crisis In Muranga

The governor claims that some people are out to tarnish the name of the county


Wa Iria claims that the number of victims affected by jiggers in the county is not as high as portrayed by the media


The governor noted that there are only 1, 667 people from the county who are affected in one way or another by jiggers


"The way the problem is publicized may mean every individual in the county is infested with the parasites. This is erroneous" Wa Iria said


He explained that the county government was carrying out a research to know how many people are infected with the jiggers in the county


He called on anyone who may have a different list of those affected by the parasite to forward to his office in order to enable the county government to act


“Our medical officers are already in the field helping those who are affected but the county’s reputation should not be spoiled with jigger problem as the problem is well contained.” He added.


By Anne Muchiri.

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