Waiguru, Ndathi clash at a prayer rally

Waiguru, Ndathi clash at a prayer rally

Kirinyaga County Governor Joseph Ndathi and Former Cabinet Secretary for Devolution Anne Waiguru clashed at a prayer rally for Akorino denomination believers at Kirinyaga Stadium on Sunday.

The two leaders set to face off for a Jubilee Party ticket in the Kirinyaga County gubernatorial race were engaged in fierce verbal counter accusations over development projects in the county.

Waiguru accused Governor Ndathi of leadership fueling wrangles in the county that have led to stalled development projects.

She enumerated myriad problems in health, roads, water and education affecting the people of Kirinyaga and attributed them to poor stewardship by Governor Ndathi.

“If you listened to the head of state during his last visit to Kirinyaga, he said that our problems are emanating from leadership struggles amongst our elected leaders,” said Waiguru.

The stalled construction of Thiba Dam became the major bone of contention between the two gubernatorial contenders.

Waiguru implied that the governor was to blame for the stalled project while Governor Ndathi, on his part, castigated Waiguru for spreading propaganda and lacking in moral grounds to speak about leadership integrity.

“You talking about water should know that you are on an altar and crooked people have never been allowed to before an altar,” said Ndathi.

Ndathi clarified that the project was being implemented by the National Irrigation Board (NIB) under the national government, adding that construction work for the dam stopped because it was challenged in court.

“It is proper for people when they rise in a congregation to speak the truth. There is a clear demarcation between Ndathi’s work and that of the national government. This dam she is talking about is under the national government,” clarified Ndathi.


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