Who supplied the grey hoodies to KRA suspects in court?

Who supplied the grey hoodies to KRA suspects in court?

Kenyans online are seemingly bewildered after a majority of the suspects in the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) tax evasion case emerged in court clad in grey hoodies and sunglasses.

On Tuesday and most of Wednesday morning, conversation was rife over the coincidence of KRA suspects wearing the same outfits.

Dear CJ @dkmaraga why do we allow this in our courtrooms?” Mac Otani asked.

Hoodies also known as hooded sweatshirts were reportedly created in the 1930s for athletes to keep warm and dry but over the years, they have become popular among the youth and are donned as casual wear.

On Tuesday, one Kvaati posed the question ‘Who supplied the hoodies?’ after Citizen TV posted a picture of the suspects in court.

Responses that followed had a myriad of humour and allusions:

“There was a tender to supply hoodies chini ya maji!” Jacob Okello said while George Kamau added: “KRA starter pack..”

Some wondered whether the hoodies were sold to the suspects before they entered the courtroom while others made fun saying the supplier must have made a lot of money.

“Remember the “kijana fupi round” with the green paper bag.. Someone saw the business opportunity right there…he should probably make a “hoodie chapchap app”- the best on demand hoodie app in Kenya!” Dickson Kemboi said.


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