With so many users, how are Kenyans spending their time online?

With so many users, how are Kenyans spending their time online?

Kenya may be the seventh-largest country in Africa in terms of population, but they are the third-largest in terms of Internet users. This is not a surprising statistic, considering that this is one of the most technologically advanced countries on the African continent. They have used their education and infrastructure to promote the use of technologies like the Internet to improve the country’s success. It is an experiment that has been quite successful.

While millions of Kenyans are using the Internet for work and school, in reality, a significant number of people are using this in many other ways that go beyond their career or their education. They are enjoying the Internet, and here is a list of the primary ways in which Kenyans are spending their time online.

Online Casinos

One of the most enjoyable activities for Kenyans is gambling. This is not an activity that is exclusively enjoyed by people within the country, as millions across the continent enjoy playing roulette, blackjack, poker, slot machines, and other casino-style games at the online casino.

Let’s face it, these online casinos Kenya has to offer are a lot of fun. It is easy to enjoy these activities, especially once you have found a safe and reputable site. Online casinos in Kenya, like those listed here, not only offer a wide assortment of games for Kenyans to enjoy, but there are great bonuses and other perks that have led millions to play at casino sites. It is truly a very popular activity.

Fad Videos

It is amusing what types of things people will get hung up on and watch videos of all the time. They enjoy watching people doing funny things in videos, people acting out singing a song, or crazy wild things people do with their off time.

In Kenya, a clip that was capturing the attention of many was a video filmed at Kenya’s magical Maasai Mara reserve. It was a humorous little video that became the thing to watch in Europe and then swung back to Kenya. It is these types of things that become popular for users, as they love to see the unusual story, the funny clip, or the crazy event that had occurred.

These types of fad videos are becoming huge. They will draw millions of users to them, and Kenyans are enjoying them immensely.

Social Media Connections

It is amazing to think that just 20 years ago, barely 200,000 people were using the Internet in Kenya. That was out of a population of just over 30 million. Now there are over 52 million people in the country, and better than 46 million are using the Internet. The country has gone from just 0.7% to 89.7% using the Internet today. Truly remarkable.

It is not so remarkable when one considers that this is a great way to keep in touch with friends, family members, and events going on. Social media has become a huge industry across the planet, and people in Kenya are enjoying this as well. They are using many of the large social media giants as a way to build a following, and this has helped them to make new friendships and build on existing friendships.

Plus, the use of social media has helped many to build a following. Some have used their following as a way to influence others or to even promote their business. It has been a great way to expand their circle of influence far beyond anything they could have imagined prior to the social media age.

Streaming Services

This is another craze that is common across the globe. Many are turning to streaming services as a way to watch their favorite movies or television shows and to be able to do so at whatever time they need. Plus, it gives them the availability to binge watch programs, where they can watch a series nonstop for 24 or 48 hours.

In Kenya, they are enjoying the streaming services as well. The rates are low, and Kenyans have great access to the Internet, so they are able to stream videos without any issues related to buffering or bandwidth.

The streaming services not only offer programs popular in Kenya and the African continent in general but also videos from across the globe. This is allowing people who are transplants from another country to reach out to their homeland to watch movies and TV shows they have been missing since moving to Kenya.

Online Gaming

Online gaming is a huge industry these days. People love the fact that they can play adventure, sports, and other types of games online. Not only are they able to place some of the most sophisticated games you can imagine, but they are able to build teams and compete against others from across the planet.

Like the streaming services, these games require a lot of bandwidth, and Kenya has the capability to ensure that people are able to enjoy these games at the rate and speed they were intended to be played. This has become one of the most popular industries and uses for Kenyans, as they are enjoying these games like never before.

Plus, some have become very good at these online games and have become very competitive in eSports. Kenya has several teams that have competed at the international level and done quite well, and it looks like they are only going to become more competitive in the future.

Dating and Well…

Dating apps have become a very popular way for people to meet someone special. It is difficult sometimes to find someone who matches up to you perfectly, especially when you work a lot of hours or may have a limited social circle. Dating apps have been the solution to that.

In Kenya, people are taking advantage of these apps as well. They are able to meet men and women across the country, even across the world, who are a perfect match for them. It is helping to provide a high degree of intimacy.

Some are not necessarily looking for a close intimate relationship, however. They want to enjoy meeting men and women who help them to fulfill their carnal lusts, and this has become a popular use of the Internet as well. No need to dive too deeply into that, however.

Learning and Improving

A very wise man once said that the greatest college on earth is the Internet. You can learn just about anything you want to know by using video, education, blog, and other sites. There are a great many how-to videos and articles, as well as colleges and other educational programs offering free classes.

Kenyans are taking advantage of this as well. They are learning how to fix a broken faucet, understand calculus better, or learn how to start a new business. The Internet has a great deal of information available on just about any subject you can imagine, and this is one area where Kenyans are taking full advantage. They understand that they can learn here, and this is a country where education is seen as extremely important. So, it is not surprising that this has become a primary use for users.


If you want to know what is going on anywhere in the world, you can find it on the Internet. You do not even need to turn to traditional news sites to find the information you desire. There are plenty of websites out there that show videos, provide articles and analysis, and information that can help users to grasp what is going on.

This has been great for Kenyans, as they understand that local and national news outlets only have a certain amount of time to devote to stories. They may even opt to leave some stories out of personal or professional bias, but people are able to search out the information they wish to know about by using the Internet.

For those who are transplants from another country, this is the perfect way to learn about what is going on in their homeland. For those who may be considering moving or visiting another country, it gives them the opportunity to learn about events that are going on that may influence their decision to travel to those countries. The Internet provides a great deal of information that they may not receive by watching television, reading the newspaper, or viewing local media news sites.

As you can see, Kenyans are using the Internet in a wide variety of ways, and this barely scratches the surface. There are hundreds of ways that the over 46 million Kenyans are using the Internet these days, as this is one of the most sophisticated countries in the world in terms of technology. So, it is not surprising at all.

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