Woman hires two suspected assassins for Ksh.5,000 to kill sister-in-law

Woman hires two suspected assassins for Ksh.5,000 to kill sister-in-law

What would you say is the value of life? Well some say you cannot put a value to it,  but one woman in Kisii County paid two men Ksh.5,000 each to assassinate her sister-in-law after a fall out over a piece of land.

The so called ‘hitmen’ were paid a deposit of Ksh.3,000 with the balance promised after proof of death.

Well, the good news is… the attempted assassination was thwarted after the victim reported the matter to the police.

According to the victim, Maureen Chebet,  she received credible intelligence that a plot to have her murdered had allegedly been hatched by her sister-in-law over a disputed family property, prompting her to report the incident at Kisii Central Police Station.

”Walikua wanafaa wanipate kwa nyumba wanichukue na gari wanidunge visu alafu wanitupe kwa kichaka,” said Chebet.

What was even shocking is that in the audio clip evidence Chebet obtained,  the supposed ‘hitmen’ could be heard negotiating with the wife to her husband’s brother how much each would receive.

The two suspects 46-year-old William Tengeya and 35-year-old Albert Mauti were arraigned in Kisii and charged with the attempted murder of Maureen Chebet. They were however later released on a Ksh.10,000 cash bail each.

Among the reasons given for the release of the suspects included avoiding to crowd remand facilities as a move to contain the spread of COVID-19.

Norah Nyabongi, the woman who allegedly crafted the whole murder script, was also released on the same terms, a reason Chebet is now fearing for her life.

Speaking to Citizen TV on phone,  Kisii County Commander Jabel Munene said that police are pursuing leads linking the suspects to criminal gangs that terrorise residents in the area.




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