YouTube removes 100K videos, 17K channels, 500 million comments over hate speech

YouTube removes 100K videos, 17K channels, 500 million comments over hate speech

YouTube has reportedly removed more than 100,000 videos, 17,000 channels and at least 500 million comments over hate speech in the last three months alone.

The video-sharing platform, in a blog posted on Tuesday, stated that content that violates its policies is removed in order to protect and promote a vibrant community, while also preserving free expression.

According to YouTube, the hate speech update is only one fundamental shift among its new policies that have been in development since 2018 and that were launched in June.

“We spent months carefully developing the policy and working with our teams to create the necessary trainings and tools required to enforce it,” read the blog post.

“The policy was launched in early June, and as our teams review and remove more content in line with the new policy, our machine detection will improve in tandem.”

Among the content that the platform removed included child sexual abuse images (CSAI) as well as terrorist recruitment videos.

It further added that nearly 30,000 of the over 100,000 videos that have since been removed generated only 3% of views; a feat that has been made possible by automated flagging systems.

“We’re determined to continue reducing exposure to videos that violate our policies. That’s why, across Google, we’ve tasked over 10,000 people with detecting, reviewing, and removing content that violates our guidelines,” added YouTube.


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