ADAK slams Chinese outlet over doping claim

The Anti-Doping Agency of Kenya has slammed a report published a week ago on the Chinese outlet Xinhua which suggested the national organisation had failed to fight doping.

The Xinhua report followed the two-year ban imposed on Barcelona Marathon champion Philip Kangogo with the article critical of the ever-increasing doping sanctions on Kenyan athletes.

Terming the report ‘malicious’, ADAK defended its record by pointing to their anti-doping education programs, tests carried out and the number of successful prosecutions of anti-doping rule violation cases.

“ADAK continues to be actively engaged in the war against doping in the country. It has partnered with other ADOs in reciprocal testing, joint investigations, and information sharing.

“This has led to effective prosecution of Anti-Doping Rule Violation cases. It is therefore in bad taste, malevolent and misleading for any party to malign ADAK’s effort in the fight against doping in sport.

“ADAK has received tremendous support from the athletes, national federations, and the Kenyan government. ADAK reiterates its commitment in discharging its mandate. The enforcement of the World Anti-Doping Code shall continue, and the doping menace shall be defeated,” an excerpt from the statement said.

Kenya was among the countries placed on the World Anti-Doping Agency’s compliance watch list in 2016 and Kipsang is the latest Kenyan athlete to be charged with a rule violation.

Around 70 Kenyan athletes have been sanctioned for anti-doping rule violations in the past five years.


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