Athletics boss Tuwei raises red flag over doping

Athletics Kenya President Jackson Tuwei has warned that doping among athletes could have serious consequences if left untamed.

Speaking in Kigali TTC College in Embu during the launch of the World Cross Country team, the Athletics Kenya boss raised concerns with the athletes saying some of them were putting the country at risk of sanctions as they continue to use banned substances.

Tuwei said that the association has not done enough in educating athletes on doping issues but raised the flag, noting that Kenya was still on the IAAF anti-doping watch list with KenyNa athletes constantly under serious surveillance.

He warned the athletes against using banned performance-enhancing substances.

“We cannot blame these athletes for not knowing, honestly that would be a mistake. They train in groups that have coaches and other supporting staff to complete the athletes’ support. The support staff should be in charge of what the athlete takes in his or her body during training Tuwei said.

At the same time, Tuwei called upon athletes to acquire the list of prohibited substance so as not to fall prey into doping menace,  adding that should the athletes fail to adhere to the rules they’ll shoulder the blame.




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