CS Amina issues COVID-19 caution for Safari Rally fans

Kenyans have being asked to keep in check their enthusiasm for the return of Safari rally here in the country after a 19-year hiatus, so as not to ramp up the covid-19 infection numbers with the delta variant already widespread in the country.

Sports Cabinet Secretary Ambassador Amina Mohamed says Kenyans shouldn’t be lost in the euphoria but should remain vigilant in following the laid down protocols to prevent the spread of covid-19.

The CS has insisted that the Ministry of Health guidelines with regard to covid-19 spread prevention are still in force and that not more than 20 spectators will be allowed to congregate at one point. He has as well urged all the on-lookers to keep social distance and adhere to curfew rules noting that those culpable will be punished accordingly.

“The space has been designated for the spectators to go and watch the rally. I will expect groups of up to 20, no more than 20 and the members of these groups should keep social distance so that people aren’t too close to each other. The ministry of health has not suspended its protocols, they are still in place. Whether it’s the protocols that relate to wearing of masks, social distancing or protocols that relate to curfew, nothing has been suspended and I don’t expect multitudes of people struggling to get spaces in Naivasha at night.” Said Amina.

Principal Administrative Secretary Moffat Kangi who had accompanied CS Amina also insisted that the covid-19 measures should be strictly adhered to. He as well assured everyone involved in the rally that security will be top notch during the rally noting that the inspector general of police had deployed police in various stages of the rally to ensure nothing is amiss.

“The Inspector general of police has put in place measures to ensure there is security and safety of everyone along the entire route from Nairobi, via Kiambu to Nakuru counties. Police have been stationed and deployed all over to make sure there is security which will be provided to all along the entire route. We also don’t expect that people will be moving in big numbers all over and therefore rallying will not be an excuse for breaking the covid-19 protocols.”

Kangi also urged motorists and commercial vehicles to adhere to the gazette notice issued yesterday prohibiting movement of all vehicles during the rally.

“It’s important for Kenyans to know that we issued a gazette notice yesterday to describe the route that will be followed by the rally vehicles. During those moments when the vehicles will be passing in those areas, we expect that the commercial vehicles during the daytime will be off the road so that we can give free movement of the rallying vehicles.” Kangi added.


Safari Rally

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