Financial crisis threatening our NSL life – Musta

A number of Kenya National Super League (NSL) clubs  are facing serious financial challenges that cripple the running of the second tier competition, if the trend continues.

Some of the clubs with promising team units that could compete favourably in the top league Kenyan Premier League (KPL) are depending on handouts from their fans to cater for  players’ allowances due to lack of sponsors.

Such is Isibania FC, playing in the league for the second season after their promotion in 2017.

In an exclusive interview with Citizen Digital, Isibania head coach  Dan Musta said a number of clubs are struggling to keep players in camp without salaries, being one of the coaches affected directly.

“Passion of football is what keeps our players moving. If it was money this league would have halted by now. My players have been honouring fixtures with hope that the crisis we are in is a matter of time.

“We are still hopeful that if we will get sponsors but as we wait I can confirm it is not easy,” told Musta.

“The small amount  we  get from the fans is what they distribute among them and  I am glad that most of them take football as their career,” he added.

The same sentiments were shared by the club captain Paul Ouma, who says their potential has not been realised because of financial constraints.

“Some of us have families  who depend on us but it’s so unfortunate that we can’t  manage to offer them the basic needs. In the training camp up to eight players are forced to share a room.

“This tells it all, that with such an environment we may not give our 100 percent no matter how much we want to impress,” narrated the skipper.

Ouma revealed the meagre allowances they get from their fixtures, Ksh. 2000 for an away win, and Ksh. 1000 for a draw each.

A win for a home match attracts Ksh. 1500, while a draw is appreciated with Ksh. 750. Nothing comes with a loss, which is an unavoidable fate in the light of their struggles, as Ouma notes.

Another NSL side Kibera Black Stars is facing the same predicament, as exposed by head coach Godfrey Oduor despite enjoying support from partners.

“I cannot say that what we get from our partners is so much  but we try to distribute it well to the players, trying to explain to them to understand our level. That is how we are able to survive, but it is tough,” said the tactician.


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