KCB eye double victory as KVF league enters second round

KCB women’s volleyball team head coach Japheth Munala believes his charges have hit top form ahead of the second leg of the Kenya Volleyball Federation National League at the weekend.

The 2019 league runners up posted mixed results in the first leg and Munala is optimistic they will bounce back from last month’s stuttering start after holding intensive training at the Nyayo National Stadium Gymnasium over the last four weeks.

The Bankers will be out to right their wrongs against a rejuvenated Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) on Saturday 2 pm before a tricky fixture against former champions Kenya Pipeline the next day at the Nyayo Gymnasium.

 “Last time we lost an important match against champions Kenya Prisons and we went back to the drawing board and I’m confident we’ll find our rhythm and collect the maximum points in our two matches,” said Munala, adding: “In the first leg we struggled because the squad had not gelled well but after a intensive training over the last four weeks I believe we’re prepared to for the contest.”

KCB won one match and lost another during the first leg of KVF league, falling to Kenya Prisons (3-1) before overcoming DCI (3-0). Munala stated that their start was made even more difficult since their new recruits were unable to blend into the team due to the long break.

At the same time, the team’s captain Noel Murambi also retaliated that the squad is prepared for the weekend fixtures and that they are working hard to bag six points from their two matches.

“We’ve trained hard and rectified the errors we made on our last match, the team is ready and in good shape ahead of the weekend assignment,” said Murambi.

The second leg will be played across three venues in Nairobi, Nanyuki and Vihiga.

Summarised KVF second leg fixtures


Kidundu Stadium, Vihiga (Saturday 27)

Vihiga County Vs Prisons Kenya

Equity Bank Vs KPA

Nairobi Prisons Vs Ap Kenya

Vihiga County Vs Equity Bank

Nairobi Prisons Vs KPA

AP Kenya Vs Prisons Kenya

Men- Kidundu Stadium, Vihiga (Sunday 28)

Vihiga County Vs AP Kenya

Equity Bank Vs Nairobi Prisons

Prisons Kenya Vs KPA

Vihiga County Vs KPA

Equity Bank Vs AP Kenya

Prisons Kenya Vs Nairobi Prisons

Nanyuki Stadium-Saturday 27

Western Prisons Vs KDF

GSU Vs Prisons Mombasa

KFS Vs RV Prisons

Kenya Army Vs KDF


Prisons Mombasa Vs RV Prisons

Nanyuki Stadium-Sunday 28

Kenya Army Vs KFS

Western Prisons Vs Prisons Mombasa

KDF Vs RV Prisons

Western Prisons Vs KFS

Kenya Army Vs Prisons Mombasa



Nyayo Stadium-Saturday 27

Kenya Pipeline Vs Kenya Army

Nairobi Prisons Vs DCI

Nairobi Water Vs Kenya Prisons


Sunday 28

DCI Vs Nairobi Water

Kenya Prisons Vs Nairobi Prisons

KDF Vs Kenya Army

Kenya Pipeline Vs KCB



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