Kenya, WADA reach ‘agreement’ on compliance road map

Kenya, WADA reach ‘agreement’ on compliance road map

Kenya and the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) have ‘amicably’ agreed on road map that will see the country fully comply with its Code ‘as soon as possible’.

A press release sent from Montreal, Canada where a high level delegation led by Cabinet Secretaries, Amina Mohammed (Foreign Affairs) and Hassan Wario (Sports, Arts and Culture) saw the Government commit to expedite amendments to Anti-Doping Act while remaining relevant and sensitive to local realities and local laws.

Following the meeting, the world-anti-doping body maintained Kenyan athletes will not be barred from international competition including the Rio 2016 Olympics despite the Anti-Doping Agency of Kenya (ADAK) being declared non-compliant.

The Government and WADA met in Montreal on Tuesday evening to review the May 12 decision to declare ADAK non-compliant with its Code.

“Both teams agreed that Kenya is well on the way to full compliance with the Anti Doping code Code subject to changes that need to be made to the Kenya Anti-Doping Act.

“While  WADA commending commended Kenya on foracting in good faith and demonstrating strong commitment by developing its Anti-Doping Law; and WADA   acknowledged that more than 80 percent of the Law was compliant with the World Anti Doping Code,” the Government statement stated.

Kenya’s delegation met with WADA officials who were led by Director General, David Howman, at WADA’s headquarters in the Canadian capital.

“After a daylong meeting, both teams the parties came up with a road map that will see Kenya fully compliant with the World Anti-Doping Code.,” it added.

The country will be required to adopt the negotiated amendments as agreed with WADA, present the amended clauses in the Act to Parliament, get President Uhuru Kenyatta’s assent and present the amended Law passed by Parliament to WADA.

Once the process is done, WADA will present the amended and adopted Bill to its Compliance and Review Committee for final review and approval and recommendation to the Foundation Board for approval.

“Kenya has been declared non-compliant only because some certain laws were not consistent with the World Anti-Doping Code.  If the laws are amended as agreed today (Tuesday), I have no doubt that then WADA’s Compliance Review Committee would recommend that the Foundation Board will be more than happy to revoke the non-compliance status. I’m confident that this can be done very quickly,” David Howman said.

“‘A lot of work went into passing and coming up with this bill and Kenya was therefore shocked at WADA’s decision. However, we remain resolute in our commitment to resolving the few outstanding issues.

“As a world leading sporting nation, Kenya believes in the practice of fair and clean sport. We are proud to be one of the three African countries to have come up with this type of legislation and providing a learning curve for others to learn from,” the top diplomat in the Cabinet noted.

“Significant progress made in talks with WADA Director General Mr. David Howman and his team,” Ambassador Amina tweeted on her official account.

“I’m glad to note that WADA’s decision does not bar Kenyan athletes from participating in competitive athletics or races as the country addresses issues of concern to ensure compliance by the ADAK,” Wario added.

Other members of the Kenyan delegation included Solicitor General, Njee Muturi, ADAK Chairman James Waweru and his CEO; JaphterRugut and Kenya’s Ambassador to Canada, Ambassador John Lanyasunya.

Kenya fell foul of WADA after the Anti-Doping Act of 2016 was mutilated in what appears to have been a deliberate reduce the scope of mandate of the ADAK while giving more powers to the Sports Ministry to control its operations in what exposed the country to a fresh doping crisis.

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