Kenyan speedsters arrive in Kurume City

Kenyan speedsters arrive in Kurume City

@MikeOkinyi in Tokyo, Japan

The fastest men in team Kenya arrived at the Kurume City camp in Japan for the final phase of preparation ahead of the Tokyo Olympic games.

Ferdinand Omanyala and Mark Odhiambo, both sprinters in 100m arrived in Kurume Thurday July 15th after almost four full days of travel.

“The journey has been very long. We left on Monday and arrived in Kurume on Thursday, four days!! The good thing is that we are here and no one has tested positive for covid, that’s the most important thing,” said Omanyala.

He added “Other than that, training has been good, we have like eight training days confirmed before we go for the heats at the Olympic competition. Personally I feel good, I feel strong, I feel fast!! So expect very good results.”

They arrived just in time for their first meal with the rest of team Kenya.

“The food is great!! I’ve found ugali here, I’m so happy….Imagine ugali and beef, very nice!!” concluded Omanyala.

Hellen Syombua who will compete in the 400m accompanied the speedsters to Kurume. This is her second time in Japan in three years for competition.

Syombua laid down her plans upon arrival.

“Since the last time I was in Japan in 2019 for the world relays, my body is in shape. I feel better than I did in 2019. My race is not until the 3rd of August, but I want to prepare and run very well to qualify for the semi-finals.”

She lauded the organisers of the Kurume camp that she says will benefit the sprinters more than anybody else.

“This camp is very well organized. For now the weather is good for me. As sprinters w will get used to it by the time I compete on the 3rd of August. I don’t think it will affect me,”
She observed.

For Mark Otieno, other than making a mark at the world biggest stage, food is on his mind.

“I really like the food here, this is my second time eating shrimps!! I It is really nice, then its my first time eating sushi and I love it!!” said an excited Otieno.

“Kenyan food? No no no!! I’m not going to take it here because im used to it. I just saw ugali, in fact when I was in camp in Nairobi, I didn’t taste ugali that much. Since I’m here, I’m going to taste all the foods I have not tasted in my life. I love Japanese food, in Nairobi we have a restaurant we love with my wife. My favourite meal is fried noodles with vegetables, and I found that for lunch today,” he concluded.

On training and the weather, he says “Humidity and the heat is favourable to us as sprinters. Eh men!! Nairobi is so cold, I was wondering when we will leave so we can experience the warm weather. I really like the camp here because of the warm weather. We hope it favours us and we run good.”


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