KHU, NOC-K partner to grow grassroots hockey

The Kenya Hockey Union (KHU) will this week start a program to develop the national hockey sport system funded by Olympic Solidarity through the National Olympic Committee of Kenya (NOC-K).

The program will run for three months and will involve coaches, technical officials and players from all over the country and will be conducted by an expert from Pakistan, Mr. Tahir Zaman who is an International Hockey Federation Trainer and Educator.

According to NOC-K Acting Secretary General Francis Mutuku, “the program is aimed at improving the national system of hockey development and building up a sustainable grass root base.

“The specific objectives being to increase the number of young athletes who can compete in continental and International events and therefore Introduce more competition for the young Players,” Mutuku said in a statement.

Similarly, the program will also develop the Hockey 5 Format and Small areas competition at school and club level with NOC-K hoping to promote hockey in schools as a safe game with Olympic values.

Another objective of the program is to develop and implement a coache’s education system to school Physical education teachers and Senior athletes.

The results to be achieved are to support a sustainable progressive development of hockey.

Kenya is currently ranked 48th globally and 4th in Africa for men while women are ranked 45th in the World and 3rd in the continent.

Through the program, KHU aims to maintain a top 3 position in Africa and improve the world ranking.

Both teams attempted to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics in the previous All African Games competition in 2019, but were unsuccessful.

The program kicks off four months of NOC-K seminars and training targeting different stakeholders in sports. Most of these had been planned for the year but were interrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic, therefore most of the training will be online and where necessary or possible, physical training will be done.


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