Kimathi wants spectators for Safari Rally

Kenya Motorsport Federation chairman and Safari Rally CEO Phineas Kimathi is urging the government to consider allowing fans to witness the return of the iconic Safari Rally to the World Rally Championship, saying this would go a long way in bringing back the lost exhilaration as well as boost streams.

Citing a report on the number of spectators who have graced various legs of the WRC, Kimathi noted that in 2017 alone, cumulative TV viewership was in excess of 850million in over 150 television markets, Kenya being one of them. Additionally, there were 4.1 million spectators who physically attended the 13 WRC rallies.

“We had over 850 million in terms of TV viewership and over 4.1 million spectators physically attended the 13 WRC rallies across the globe. If we could get at least 5 percent of that, it translates to 200,000 arrivals here in Kenya.  This year might be a little bit different in terms of spectators because of the pandemic, but I’m sure this is an investment that will pay in the years to come.”

Kimathi also noted that the production, editing, and transmission of the Safari rally will be handled by the WRC TV in conjunction with the local national broadcaster, KBC.

“I’m happy that this is finally happening, because it’s been a long journey. WRC TV who have already landed three containers of broadcast material, will be able to produce, edit and transmit simultaneously to KBC.”

He at the same time applauded the Patron of the Safari Rally President Uhuru Kenyatta for his commitment to ensuring that the Safari is held in the highest of standards, as well as reiterating their resolve to ensure that all Kenyans will have access to the event that makes a comeback after 19-year hiatus.

“We are thankful to the patron of the Safari, President Uhuru Kenyatta for the investment he has made to make this possible. We cannot have an event where common mwananchi can have access to what’s happening and for that we also thank the Ministry of ICT for ensuring this is possible.”

The Kenya Safari Rally is making a comeback to the world stage after a 19-year break and the organising committee is in a frantic race to see to it all is in place, before engines rev off on the 24 June 2021.


Safari Rally Phineas Kimathi WRC

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