Korir calls for Ndegwa’s arrest as things fall apart in PAAK

Korir calls for Ndegwa’s arrest as things fall apart in PAAK

Divisions in the Professional Athletics Association of Kenya (PAAK) turned ugly on Monday when spokesman and 2012 Boston Marathon champion, Wesley Korir, called for the arrest of Organising Secretary, Julius Ndegwa.

Korir who is a Member of Parliament for Cherang’any ousted the outspoken Ndegwa as one of the PAAK officials involved in tarnishing the country’s athletes name by arranging interviews for foreign journalists with ‘bogus runners’ who allege involvement in doping.

“I’m very upset by people who are selfish and busy trying to tarnish our Kenyan athletes and the worst part is that they are using PAAK’s name.

“Julius Ndegwa is said to be hosting some people who don’t have good intentions with our Kenyan athletes. We want him arrested and investigated and we as PAAK will take action against him,” Korir -who is part of Kenya’s marathon team for the Rio 2016- charged at Athletics Kenya (AK) headquarters in Nairobi.

“We would like to know those journalists, if they have permits to do stories here and what type of a VISA they have. What they are doing is unacceptable,” the fourth finisher at April’s Boston race added.

Speaking with Citizen Digital, Ndegwa dismissed the allegations and accused the legislator of cheap politics in an attempt to bed in with AK after he was included in the Rio squad.

“I can sue him because the said foreign journalists are from Deutsche Welle News and have been working with them since the strike where we had seized AK’s offices.

“I have not gone against the law and what I talked with the journalists I had consulted him (Wesley) first and he told that he was at a harambee (fund raiser) organized by the Deputy President. If he wants me arrested he should do that fast in fact he is late,” the stung Ndegwa retorted.

“Actually there are reports that he is working with AK or how else would he have known about AK politics? I’m a responsible leader; I speak my mind out and got the mandate to speak on behalf of PAAK. I don’t take chances.

“Korir is the one who is busy dividing PAAK, and which part of PAAK is he talking about. He should be careful with his words,” he counter-claimed.

“He has already been rewarded by AK to silent him. He should ask for the clip and watch it before making his careless remarks and it will prove that what I spoke was in defence and honour of my country.

“I shall talk with my fellow officials on the way forward and am ready to react to this matter. I shall not be used for cheap politics,” the Organising Secretary who was the face of the two-day blockade of Riadha House last year charged.

Japheth Yator, who is the secretary for Nairobi region launched a staunch defence of Ndegwa accusing the legislator of dividing PAAK.

“Why does Korir want Ndegwa arrested? Ndegwa did not talk anything that will tarnish our country’s name. He actually talked about our constitution and about doping, nothing else.

“How does Korir get in all this? He should enjoy his rewards from AK peacefully without involving himself with petty politics,” Yator asserted.

-Tuwei, Kipchoge claims-

Korir who was attending a strategy meeting for the Rio 2016 marathon squad with AK and National Olympics Committee-Kenya was reacting after federation boss, Lt. Gen (Rtd) Jackson Tuwei lit the touch paper by claiming foreign journalists were buying locals to give false testimonies on doping at a press conference.

“There are people facilitating foreign media who are roaming in Eldoret, Kapsabet and now we hear they are in Ngong. These foreign media guys are trying to get athletes or non-athletes to get information on doping activities in Kenya.

“They are being paid to give false information and we are also suspecting they are being injected with EPO. So that they have a story to air back in their countries’ and give their own stories,” the federation president alleged.

“We are aware of their activities and we shall take action against them and also make them known to the public. We had written to the Ministry of Sports in regard to the matter and also requesting them to take action on them.

“This is something that has happened in the past and we are going to do our own investigations and we shall expose and take action against these culprits,” Tuwei declared.

Noc-k chairman Dr. Kipchoge Keino was clearly upset with the reports and demanded action from the Government.

“We cannot allow people from outside to come and destroy the good name of our athletes. We want the government to take action and clear this people out. I’m shocked that we have people who are not patriotic and just want to bring trouble.

“Let’s work together we clear our name it’s a shame that this has to go on,” he furiously stated.


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