KRU pleads for vaccines for Kenya Cup players

Kenya Rugby Union (KRU) chairman Gangla Oduor has pleaded with the Government to provide vaccines for players involved in the Kenya Cup in order to allow for its resumption.

According to Gangla, the national organisation needs 1400 doses to inoculate all players in the country’s top rugby league and 8,000 more for those in the lower divisions.

“So we would like to appeal to the ministry of sports and health to give rugby players priority as well in terms of obtaining this vaccines,” Oduor said.

Gangla said KRU was adhering to COVID-19 regulations before all sports activities were suspended as Kenya battled to stave off a wave of fresh infections late March.

“We as a union demonstrated when we were allowed to play that we stuck to the government protocols and we were very strict to them, testing our players after two weeks and keeping social distance.

“So we believe even though the national figures of those with Covid 19 rose a bit, I don’t think the problem is in sports, so we must find a way to ensure sports returns as soon as possible,” Gangla said.

Oduor says if they can get these vaccines as soon as possible then the leagues will resume although many teams have not been training.

The Government has since lifted the ban on sports but rolled out tighter regulations to govern play, including ensuring constant testing at the cost of national federations.

The Ministry of Sports vaccinated athletes that will be going to the Olympic Games including the national rugby teams but left out those in domestic leagues.


Kenya Cup COVID-19 vaccines

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