Leopards call crisis meeting over FIFA ban

AFC Leopards National Executive Committee will hold a crisis meeting Wednesday to deliberate on the transfer ban by FIFA, club chairman Dan Shikanda has said.

Fifa, in a letter to the club, announced it was banning the club from transacting any transfers in the next two transfer windows.

The ban followed the club’s failure to pay the Sh1.8million owed to their former player, Rwandan Vincent Habamahoro.

“I will hold a meeting tomorrow (Wednesday) and then after deliberation we will be able to arrive at a comprehensive decision on the matter,” he told Citizen Digital Tuesday evening.

However, the only proper possibility is to pay him (Vincent Habamahoro) his money,” he added.

Shikanda has also expressed his dissatisfaction over the move by Habamahoro to take Leopards to the world football governing body without having a word with his former club.

“He did not try to even reach us to raise his concerns. It is something that we did not even see coming because in fact he was not our regular player.

When Casa Mbungo (then Leopards head coach) brought him to the team he was not using him among his first eleven for so long which prompted the player to leave.

And so when we parted ways with our sponsor it was not possible to pay salaries with the player deciding to look for somewhere else he can earn a living,” Shikanda concluded.

The suspension will however be lifted should the club settle the matter with the player.

Habamahoro was signed in 2018 before he left shortly thereafter after four months without pay.

Other players such as Tresor Ndikumana, Ismailia Diara and Soter Kayumba also left the club over similar reasons.


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