Maseno lead rugby quarters line-up at Nyanza Games

Maseno School, Nyambaria Boys, Agoro Sare, Ambira, Nyabigena Boys, Mbita, Yala and Kisii High School are through to the Rugby Sevens quarter-finals of the Nyanza Region Term Two Games.

Maseno topped Pool A after 12-7 and 56-0 wins over Kisii High School and Thurdibuoro. Kisii finished second after defeating Thurdibuoro 31-0.

In pool B, Yala emerged winners after thrashing Kanga High 27-7 and Nyambaria Boys 31-5 with the latter finishing runners-up.

In pool C, Nyabigena beat Ambira 5-0 and beat Nyansabakwa 41-0, while Ambira beat Nyansabakwa 27-0.

In pool D, Agoro sare emerged winners after beating Mbita and Uriri 24-12 and 21-0 respectively. Mbita made it to the quarters after beating Uriri 47-0.

In netball girls, Kadika beat Obambo 23-20, Kobala beat Birongo 29-19, while Mogonga lost 15-39 to Nyakach.

In other matches, Nyamira girls beat Sironga 31-6, Ombambo beat Birongo 44-9, Kadika beat Kobala 31-19, Mogonga beat Nyamira girls 20-14, while Nyakach beat Sironga 69-9.

In football boys, Under-16, barding drew nil with Riyabu, before playing to a 1-1 draw again with Mbita. Riyabu beat Mbita 1-0.

In volleyball girls, Sega beat Mabera 3-0, Nyakach beat Sengera 3-0 Lwak beat Magare 3-1 while Sega beat Kerera 3-2.

Volleyball boys saw Mogonga beat Kiandege 3-1, Got Agulu beat Kanyagwanga 3-2, while Ambira beat Chulaimbo 3-1. In other matches, Mogonga beat Got Agulu 3-0, Sengera beat Ambira 3-0 while Chulaimbo beat Nyamiranga 3-1.

Eight matches were played in girls U-19 soccer. Omobera lost 1-2 to Jera, while Kobala beat Mulumba 11-0. In other matches, Gesero beat Sagegi 2-1, Nyakach beat Bakita 5-0, Kobala beat Omobera 1-0, Jera beat Mulumba 12-0, Gesero beat Bakita 1-0 while Nyakach beat Sagegi 3-0.

In boys U-19 Soccer, Kisumu day beat Gesero 2-1 befor beating Nyansiongo 4-1. Ringa beat nduru 3-1, Gesero recovered from their earlier defeat to beat Nyandago 4-1, while Nyarach beat Barding 1-0.

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