Muchiri: For Kenyans, Doha is home away from home

Philip Muchiri in Doha, Qatar

If you’re ever afraid of getting lost in Doha, do not worry just walk around wearing a branded Kenyan shirt, wrist band or cap. Chances are you will be spotted by a compatriot.

Qatar is one of Arabic speaking countries that have embraced English which is evident in writings on Buildings and consumer products due to the high number of visitors around.

It is not difficult to come across Kenyans who have made the Qatari capital their second home, close to 30,000 Kenyans reside here, some for over 10 years.

Obey the traffic lights, that’s a rule you should never dare to forget here in Qatar traffic officers are not on sight, as they do not need to be on the roads hiding somewhere to impound on you but, hawk eyed cameras situated at every  corner will set you up for a date with a huge fine.

No Land Rover or Land Cruiser pick-ups for police here the heat is unbearable for them to sit in open vehicles but a souped-up Toyota land cruiser V8 or the latest Nissan patrol SUV for the boys in black and white. After all, the money belongs to the government.

Friday September 27, was the first day of the 2019 IAAF world athletics championship, with the women’s marathon taking centre stage at the Comiche Island.

With the closure of main roads in the area to control traffic and people entering not to disrupt the flow of the race, Citizen TV Sports editor Mike Okinyi took the mantle of leading a team of Kenyan journalists in cheering the eventual winner Ruth Chepngetich to victory, don’t mind the broken Kalenjin language theme songs.


Doha IAAF World Championships

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