Musonye: We can’t go into elections with the current electoral board

Former Cecafa boss Nicholas Musonye has affirmed that he is still in the Football Kenya Federation (FKF) presidential race amid reports that his silence has made him make a U turn. On 15th May 2020, Musonye declared his interest for the federation’s top seat and says his main objective, should he trounce the incumbent Nick Mwendwa and other opponents, will be the ‘restoration of hope’ in the industry. The Kenyan football administrator served as the Cecefa General Secretary for over two decades before handing over the mantle to another Kenyan Auka Gacheo in 2019. In an exclusive interview with Citizen Digital, Musonye has at the same time told his rivals that he’s aiming for nothing short of victory. He however argues the parties can’t go into the elections with the same electoral board. “I am still in the race, strongly and I am very optimistic that I will clinch the seat, what I am urging is that the elections should be held in a free and fair manner. The current office has got no mandate to run the process. We have got issues with the electoral board as well as the registrar. They formed the board by themselves and we can’t go to the elections until a new one is formed.  I am a candidate who believes in free and fair elections.” “What we need as competitors is a normalization committee which should run the whole process because if you look at the way the registrar has conducted the process of selecting the cubs, the whole process is crap.” As stakeholders we will sit down with the normalization committee so that we can amend some codes because as it stands now you can’t be a referee and the same time you are the player, that can’t work, you must choose one,” he added. Musonye however urged his supporters to continue keeping the faith. “I am telling my supporters that they should always be positive. I believe I am a strong candidate whom if given the mandate of running the Federation then I will do my job with one heart. They should know that they a backing up a guy who is sober enough and firm to run the federation.” “I am also urging stakeholders to be firm and not to be bribed by small money, that’s not the right way to go. We want to manage football in the right way. The football industry is rotten because of corruption and they should elect someone whom they believe in and I want to tell them that I will never let them down.” Musonye’s entry into the FKF presidential race adds into the list that already has the incumbent Nick Mwendwa, former federation president Sam Nyamweya, former Nyanza NEC member Tom Alila, ex-FKF chief executive officer Herbert Mwachiro, former FKF vice chairman Sammy Sholei,Steven Mburu, Moses Akaranga, Alex Ole Magelo, Harun Shivachi and St Peters’ Mumias Boys principal Cosmus Nabongolo. Early this week, FKF Electoral Committee chairperson Kentice Tikolo announced October 17 as the date set aside for national elections.

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