Ngugi firm age cheating has no place in 2018 FEASSSA championship

Only students with proper documentation will be allowed to take part in this year’s Federation of East Africa Secondary School Sports Association (FEASSSA), set for Musanze, in Ruhengeri Province, in Rwanda. Kenya’s contingent of 700 students and 100 officials will be leaving the country on August 8 for the annual games set for 12th to 8th. The team will first assemble at the border town of Busia on Tuesday for a sleep over before leaving for Mbarara in Uganda for a one day training session. The contingent is expected in Musanze on 10th before the events kickoff on 12th. Kenya will be participating in all the disciplines aiming to defend the overall title won last year in Gulu Uganda. FEASSSA Secretary General David Ngugi says all students taking part in the seven-day event will be properly vetted to cub age cheating as all participants are required to be under the age of 19. “We have been strict since we introduced the age limit four years ago. Any student above 19 years is not eligible,” said Ngugi. Ngugi noted the difference in school systems across the East African region has been taken care of, to avoid over age students. “Teams from Kenya have conformed and have equal chances of winning any title, the fear of playing form six students from schools in Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania should not arise as all students are under 19’s,” he added Fourteen-time national champions in football Kakamega High have are in a relatively tough looking pool A, together with defending champions St. Mary’s Kitende of Uganda, Alliance of Tanzania, hosts LDK and Buddo SS of Uganda. This year’s national football runners up Olbosalt, will start their maiden regional assignment against B.S Kimanye of Uganda, before playing CIP Muhanga of Rwanda, Nyerere Memorial of Tanzania and College Karambi of Rwanda in preliminary matches of Pool B. In girls volleyball, FEASSSA defending champions Kwanthanze will start their quest of retaining their gong against St. Alloys of Rwanda who they played in last year’s finals with the national champions winning 3-1 in Gulu, Uganda.   The three-time East African champions will also face Kinawa Mugongo of Uganda and IPRC Kigali of Rwanda in other Pool A preliminary matches. Other Kenyan representatives Soweto and Cheptil will meet again after they were paired together in Pool B alongside Uganda’s Trust High and GS Indangaburezi of Rwanda. For the boys, newly crowned national champions Malava will face Mbogo Mixed of Uganda, Don Bosco of Rwanda, Tanzania’s Makongo and PSVF Karubande of Rwanda while fellow Kenyan representatives Kepkenyoloi will battle it out against St. Joseph of Rwanda, Uganda’s Buremba SS, Wagwa of Uganda and College Christ –Roi of Rwanda. Kenya will be looking to retain the overall team title at the 17th edition of FEASSA games after weathering stiff competition from Uganda last year to lift it. SUMMARISED FEASSA DRAWS FOOTBALL – BOYS POOL A
  1. Buddo SS- Uganda
  2. Kakamega High- Kenya
  3. Alliance- Tanzania
  4. St. Mary’s Kitende- Uganda
  5. LDK- Rwanda
  1. B.S Kimanya- Uganda
  2. CIP Muhanga- Rwanda
  3. Olbolsat- Kenya
  4. Nyerere Memorial- Tanzania
  5. College Karambi- Rwanda
  1. Kwale- Kenya
  2. Makongo- Tanzania
  3. St. Noa- Uganda
  4. GS Nyange- Rwanda
  1. GS Remera- Rwanda
  2. Mukono High- Uganda
  3. AB Njenga- Kenya
  4. Alliance- Tanzania
  1. Gaddafi Intergrated- Uganda
  2. Nginda- Kenya
  3. Kawempe- Uganda
  4. Es Shwemu- Rwanda
BASKETBALL-BOYS  Venue: St. Vincent, Ubworoherane Stadium, MIPC POOL A
  1. APE Rugunga- Rwanda
  2. Sigalame- Kenya
  3. Sseta Main- Uganda
  4. Eteni- Rwanda
  5. Lord Baden Powell- Tanzania
  6. Buddo SS- Uganda
  1. Kibuli SS- Uganda
  2. LDK- Rwanda
  3. Laiser Hill- Kenya
  4. Galanos- Tanzania
  5. College St.  Marie Reine- Rwanda
  1. St. Mary’s Kitende- Uganda
  2. Butere Girls- Kenya
  3. St. Bernadette- Rwanda
  4. Kizuka- Tanzania
  5. Adegi- Rwanda
  1. Kaya Tiwi- Kenya
  2. LDK- Rwanda
  3. Buddo SS- Uganda
  4. Luyanzi College- Uganda
  1. St. Joseph- Rwanda
  2. Buremba SS- Uganda
  3. Kapkenyeloi- Kenya
  4. Wagwa- Uganda
  5. College Christ- Roi- Rwanda
  1. Mbogo Mixed- Uganda
  2. Don Bosco- Rwanda
  3. Makongo- Tanzania
  4. PSVF Karubanda- Rwanda
  5. Malava- Kenya
  1. Kwanthanze- Kenya
  2. St. Alloys- Rwanda
  3. Kinawa Mugongo- Uganda
4 IPRC Kigali- Rwanda POOL B
  1. GS Indangaburezi- Rwanda
  2. Soweto- Kenya
  3. Trust High- Uganda
  4. Cheptil- Kenya
  1. Adegi- Rwanda
  2. Kanyawanga- Kenya
  3. Sseta Green – Uganda
  4. St. Alloys- Rwanda
  1. Kibuli SS- Uganda
  2. ES Kigoma- Rwanda
  3. College Gisenyi- Rwanda
  4. St. Lukes’s Kimilili- Kenya
  5. Makongo- Tanzania
  1. Kibuli SS- Uganda
  2. Sega Girls- Kenya
  3. Apega- Rwanda
  4. ES Gikonko- Rwanda
  1. Kamusinga Girls- Kenya.
  2. Kawanda SS- Uganda
  3. ES Kirambo- Rwanda
  4. Mbogo High- Uganda
  1. St. Marys Kitende- Uganda
  2. GS Gahini- Rwanda
  3. Luyanzi College- Uganda
  4. Nyakach Girls- Kenya
  1. Kaya Tiwi- Kenya
  2. St. Noa- Uganda
  3. St. Alloys- Rwanda
  4. Buddo SS- Uganda
  5. Makongo- Tanzania
RUGBY 15’s  Venue: At Mutobo Round Robin
  1. Menengai –Kenya
  2. Kakamega- Kenya
  3. Upper Hill- Kenya
  4. Namlyango College- Uganda
  5. St. Marys Kisubi- Uganda
  6. Kings College Buddo- Uganda
RUGBY 7’s Round robin
  1. Laiser Hill- Kenya
  2. Chavakali- Kenya
  3. St. Peters Mumias- Kenya
  4. Jinja SS- Uganda
  5. Mbarara High- Uganda
  6. Kololo SS- Uganda
  7. ASPEKA- Rwanda
  8. JAM Muhanga- Rwanda
HOCKEY Venue: Nyakara BOYS Round robin
  1. Upper Hill- Kenya
  2. Musingu- Kenya
  3. St. Anthony- Kenya
  4. Kakaungulu Memorial- Uganda
  5. Ntare School- Uganda
  6. Sir Samuel Baker- Uganda
  1. Trans Nzoia- Kenya
  2. Tigoi
  3. Kerugoya- Kenya
  4. Kakungulu Memorial- Uganda
  5. St. Marys Namagunga- Uganda
  6. Bweranyange- Uganda
  7. Old Kampala- Uganda
BADMINTON Venue: Classic Lodge BOYS
  1. Kibuli SS- Uganda
  2. Kakungulu Memkrial- Uganda
  3. Kinawa Kawempe- Uganda
  4. Kenya 1
  5. Kenya 2
  6. Rwanda 1
  1. Mbogo High- Uganda
  2. Kibuli SS- Uganda
  3. Rubaga Girls- Uganda
  4. Kenya 1
  5. Kenya 2
  6. Rwanda 1
TABLE TENNIS Venue: At Classic Lodge BOYS
  1. Mbogo College- Uganda
  2. Kakungulu Memorial- Uganda
  3. St. Michael Int’- Uganda
  4. Kenya 1
  5. Kenya 2
  6. Rwanda 1
  7. Rwanda 2
  1. Mbogo High- Uganda
  2. Mbogo College- Uganda
  3. Mbogo Mixed- Uganda
  4. Kenya 1
  5. Kenya 2
  6. Rwanda 1
LAWN TENNIS  Venue: At Musanze District BOYS
  1. Kibuli SS- Uganda
  2. Musoga College- Uganda
  3. Ntare School- Uganda
  4. Kenya 1
  5. Kenya 2
  6. Rwanda 1
  7. Rwanda 2
  1. Kibuli SS- Uganda
  2. Mary Hill- Uganda
  3. Mt. St. Marys Namagunga- Uganda
  4. Kenya 1
  5. Kenya 2
  6. Rwanda 1
Athletics at Ubwo and swimming at Classic Lodge

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