Simbas add Rynhardt Forbes to technical bench

The Kenya fifteens rugby side Simbas have enrolled the services of Performance Rugby Analytics (PRA) co-founder Rynhardt Forbes to assist the team in preparation for the Rugby World Cup.

Rynhardt is a co-founder of Performance Rugby Analytics (PRA), an organization based in Abilene, Texas, in the U.S., that helps coaches develop the best tactical and strategic game plan to maximize player performance, minimize injury, predict their opponent’s game plan, and ultimately win the game.

Prior to arriving in Kenya to take up his role, Forbes had remotely worked with the team, for two weeks, three days before the game against Senegal.

Simbas lost to Senegal before recovering to beat Zambia at Nyayo last weekend to qualify for the next round of the qualifiers, and Forbes had his assessment of the team’s progress.

Quized on his experience with the Simbas so far, Forbes was glowing in praise for the team.

“Overall, a great experience. We worked with the Simbas remotely for 2 weeks prior to arriving in Kenya, 3 days before the game against Senegal.

“After the unfortunate loss, the team had a mindset change and we really worked hard the week before the game against Zambia. We went through highs and lows.

“I have to give credit to the technical team of the Simbas, quality people all across the board that all believe in the World cup goal. They made things happen.

“We have a technical team operating like the true professionals they are. As for Kenya, what a great country, passionate rugby people, and very welcoming. I love the country and the culture.”

The Australian who has an incredible resume spanning over 10 years has worked with various clubs and national teams in the past and Kenya will hope that he brings on board his vast experience in helping bolster the squad ahead of the next Rugby World Cup qualifiers.

“I have worked with various teams of all levels: from national, professional, provincial, club, and university, and high school teams around the world. Specific leagues include Varsity Cup, Vodacom Cup (South Africa), Gold Cup Rugby (South Africa), Division 1 rugby in Australia. I did most of my professional learning and training while working with the Lions Super Rugby team. We worked with the Danish National Team and now I’m with the Kenya Simbas.

Kenya Simbas coach Paul Odera welcomed the move saying this will as well grow Kenyan players’ technical ability.

“Rynhardt’s value with the Simbas in the short period he has been with us has been two-fold. One, he’s able to assist us in putting the technical preparations attached to an analysis and a trend. In the past, we haven’t been able to get patterns of how a team is playing.

“He’s also been able to look at our players and their attributes on whether they fit in certain positions. Secondly, he’s able to coach our backline and get them going on the starter moves and attack patterns. He’s also a fantastic human being and a passionate rugby person,” Odera said.

-Additional reporting from KRU


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