Sport Betting Craze Series airs on Citizen TV tonight

The Sports Betting Craze series will start airing on Citizen TV tonight as award winning journalist, Waihiga Mwaura goes behind the scenes to explore the latest phenomenon that has swept the country by storm. In the past year, betting firms have taken a foothold in the nation, minting hundreds of millions with a few ordinary citizens turning into overnight millionaires by striking jackpots ranging from Ksh10m (USD98,449.91) to Ksh36m (USD354,419.66), a princely sum out of the reach of majority of Kenyans. A number of reasons have been fronted as the reason why sports betting has taken a stranglehold. Is it because of the widespread use of mobile money betting or the allure of making an easy buck? Is it because of Kenyans fascination with the English Premier League or the large number of unemployed youth? Most sport betting companies claim that you only need Ksh100 (less than a dollar) to place a bet that could eventually usher a lucky winner into the millionaires’ club. But what happens when you cannot afford even that Ksh100? Is Kenya being used as a launch pad for several betting companies penetrate East Africa? Catch the three part series on Citizen TV 7pm and 9pm and a print version on Citizen Digital as award winning journalist, Waihiga Mwaura goes behind the booth to reveal the newest career choice of hundreds of Kenyan youth.

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