Thailand crush Kenya in Kabaddi World Cup

Mourning Thailand handed Kenya its second successive defeat at the 2016 Kabaddi World Cup, after stuffing the newcomers 53-21 on Thursday in Ahmedabad, India.

The skillful Thailand team outclassed Kenya to give a fittingly perfect ode to their departed King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

Kenya started off their match tamely, letting the Thai take an early 7-1 lead with little to show in response, having not a single successful raid in the opening five minutes.

Thailand inflicted an all out on the Kenyans in ruthless fashion, stretching their lead to 11-1 just before the end of the first half. Moments later Kenya finally broke their attacking duck with a bonus point to make it a 11-2.

The Asian side mauled the newcomers for a second all out on giving them a lead of 21-2 points.

John Muremwa had a successful raid fiving his team hope with 3 points after quick lunge and moved back to his side to touch the line with an outstretched hand before breaking for the first half with the Thais leading with a 30-8.

When the second half commenced, Kenya started with an all out for a 43-14 with only 11 minutes left into the game.

With only a minute left into the contest, Thailand had an exceptionally effective night which exposed Kenya’s poor raiding skills. As the Thais were comfortably dominated Kenya with 53-19 points.

Although it was a little bit too late for Team Kenya to redeem themselves, they ended the contest with a successful raid adding two points ending the match with 53-21 points.

Thailand were thrashed 64-23 by Iran in the opener before the Asian side returned to the mat and beat Poland by 65-25. Kenya beat Poland by a slender 54-48 margin in their opener but despite pushing Iran to the brink in the second game, lost out 28-33.

Kenya has won once but lost twice after beating Poland and losing to Iran and Thailand. Kenya will face Japan in their next match on Sunday.

In the second game of the evening, Bangladesh will take on South Korea which is a pivotal game for both teams and could decide the course of things for the next phase of the tournament. Bangladesh stands fourth on the table with a win to their name and a loss – at India’s hands – with five points. South Korea, on the other hand, have ten points with two wins in two. The outcome of this could decide who faces whom in the semis.


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