WRC pleased with Safari Rally conservancy effort

WRC pleased with Safari Rally conservancy effort

The WRC Safari Rally is revered by many not only for its punishing terrain that gives competitors the ultimate test for their abilities but also for its magical landscapes and beautiful parks.

For this reason, the WRC Steering Committee on environment embarked on a postmortem exercise to ascertain whether the environment was protected during last month’s rally event.

KWSTI principal Dr Patrick Omondi expressed satisfaction at how litter and waste was handled in all the 18 stages of the rally.

“We had a joint taskforce and within it we had a sub-committee which was specifically dedicated to tackling environmental issues and we are satisfied with how litter was collected in all stages.

“There was no negative impact on the game park and no animal was knocked by the rally cars. We had deployed marshals everywhere to ensure that didn’t happen,” Omondi assessed.

The FIA has a clear environmental strategy which the WRC Safari rally Kenya used while planning the rally and Omondi lauded the organizers as well as the spectators for ensuring the environment was left clean.

He at the same time implored the rally drivers to adopt animals in the various parks so as to help resuscitate Kenya’s tourism sector that has been hit hard after the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We have an adoption program. We have orphans of lions, cheetahs, leopards and elephants which are very rare species. It would be good for the rally drivers to adopt these animals so as to help grow our tourism industry.”

WRC Chief Environment Officer Peris Njoroge intimated that they would plant a total of 19million trees around the parks as a way of revitalizing them. She added that all the waste that was collected was already recycled.

“Preliminary report shows we didn’t have any adverse effect on the environment. All of our waste has been processed properly and recycled, and we made sure we didn’t dump any of it.

“We will later release a report on how much was processed and the byproducts that will come out of it.”

The WRC Safari Rally Kenya are looking to further improve their strategy in environmental conservation even as preparations for Next year’s Safari rally slowly gather pace.


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