Quincy Timberblake Charged With Murder Of Son

Quincy Timberlake was arrested by Australian police on Tuesday morning in relation to the death of his son.

Australian police allege that the boy had “significant” internal injuries which cannot be as a result of a fall as alleged by the parents.

Details are now showing that Quincy Timberlake sought political asylum in Australia alleging that he was tortured and arrested in Kenya when he announced his political candidature.

In his asylum application, Timberlake alleged that he was the founder of “PlaCenta Party” in Kenya.

On his arrival in Australia, Quincy Timberlake noted in his asylum application that he joined the Australian Liberal National Party and posted photos at polling booths and with former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.

Earlier this year, Esther Arunga and her husband Quincy Timberlake had been arrested in Australia over the mysterious death of their three year old son.

According to Australia Channel 7 news report, their 3 year old son was said to be playing with his two year old sibling when he fell down the stairs.

Arunga and her husband however thought that the injuries were not so serious and they gave the boy pain relieving drugs and put him to sleep. When the condition worsened they called in the medics but the boy died while being attended to.

By Bonareri Nyamoita

Source: ABC Australia

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