Raila Petitions UK Govt Over Miraa Ban

The former Prime Minister has written a letter to British Prime Minister David Cameron asking him to extend the effective date of the ban by at least one year


The miraa ban was to take effect starting 24th June 2014


“The one year extension would also allow communities in Meru and Nyambene to explore alternatives and markets since they have all along depended almost entirely on miraa, with the UK as the main market.” said Odinga in his letter


Britain is one of the major consumers of miraa or khat and the ban will affect the economy of parts of the larger Meru region and central Kenya.


Odinga feels that the extension will also allow further consultations and durable solutions, although he feels the best outcome would be a revocation of the ban altogether.


The ban has already irked communities that are producing miraa forcing them to ask the British government to review the stance.


Raila has promised to initiate discussions with both governments and elected leaders from the region to find a lasting solution to the issue


He promised to use the extension to work out better regulation of the business in the hope that the changes could persuade the British government to lift the ban.


By Morgan Mueke

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