Raila To Observe Lesotho Elections

Odinga, a former Presidential candidate and Prime Minister of Kenya, will lead the African Union Election Observers Mission to monitor the forthcoming Lesotho elections scheduled for February 28th, 2015.

In January, the Commission of the African Union asked Odinga to lead its observer mission to the elections in line with the Durban Declaration of July 2002 on the principles regulating democratic elections in Africa.

The Mission comprises of forty trained African Union observers from the Permanent Representative Committee (PRC), Pan-African Parliament (PAP), Election Management Bodies, Human Right Institutions and Civil Society Organisations, all drawn from various African countries.


The Short Term Observers will complement the work of the AU Long-Term Experts who have been deployed since January 29th, 2015 and will remain in Lesotho until March 14th, 2015.

As part of its activities, the Mission will meet relevant electoral stakeholders in Lesotho including the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC), leaders of Political Parties, Civil Society Organizations and other international observer groups before monitoring the February 28th, 2015 National Assembly Elections across the country.

After polling, the Mission will release its Preliminary Statement at a Press Conference at the Maseru Sun Hotel.

Subsequently, the Mission will produce a more detailed final report with recommendations, two months after the election.

The report will be shared with relevant Lesotho Authorities and released on the African Union.

The observations and recommendations of the Mission will be based on the fairness, credibility, transparency, and the effective management of the election.

By Tom Omulo.

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