Unlocking Data Power: Huawei’s IT Day presents the storage revolution

Unlocking Data Power: Huawei’s IT Day presents the storage revolution

The OceanStor Dorado displayed during Huawei IT Day in Nairobi.

The Artificial Intelligence era has created a race for data, and more data, which is crucial in the development of Machine Learning models. 

In a race to amass data for building AI models to offer various solutions; storage, quality and safety of data are key elements. 

The 2024 Huawei IT Day presented a discourse on the importance of reliable infrastructure in meeting the data demands in the IT sector while ensuring quality and safety. 

With the theme “Unleash Data Power, Towards the Intelligent Era” the annual event held in Nairobi on Friday brought together experts and practitioners in the IT field, with robust discussions on infrastructure-based solutions to preserve the new currency – data. 

“Storage systems are a key component of digital infrastructure and the foundation of our intelligent world,” Huawei Kenya CEO Gao Fei remarked.  

“Kenya is an important pioneer of innovation, and joint effort is required to accelerate the development of the digital economy,” he added. 

IT professionals equally emphasized the need for robust storage systems and backup solutions to meet the ever-increasing data demands while ensuring data integrity, safety and preventing loss. 

“We also need encryption technologies embedded in storage systems to safeguard the integrity of the underlying data and mitigate risks of loss, unauthorized access and damages,” remarked Dr. Peter Akuon, a senior lecturer at The University of Nairobi. 

With Flash Storage, Anti-Ransomware Protection at the Data Storage level, Data Center Virtualization Solutions and Multi-Scenario Idea Hub Smartboards, Huawei presented itself as a strategic technological partner to small, medium and large enterprises in Kenya. 


According to Dr. Akuon, resilience, reliability and performance are the top priority for enterprises while deploying ICT infrastructure and flash storage has revolutionised how data is stored, accessed, and processed. 

Chang Bang, Huawei’s Senior Director Enterprise Storage Market and Solutions notes that the explosive data growth, through technologies like Generative AI, calls for advanced storage capabilities to unleash data value. 

An OceanStar Dorado flash storage displayed.

An OceanStar Dorado flash storage displayed.

As a leader in Data Storage and Cloud technologies, Huawei presented its innovative hardware solution – the OceanStor Dorado All-Flash Storage. 

The OceanStor Dorado All-Flash storage supports up to 32 controllers, 32 TB of cache, and 6400 enterprise-class SSDs greatly improving the capability to meet high requirements of core enterprise services. 

OceanStor Dorado, the tech leader says, also offers end-to-end protection against ransom attacks and data backup services are also delivered through Huawei’s backup OceanProtect Solution. The anti-ransomware feature is embedded in the cloud-ready storage solutions to offer high data security at the storage level.


Huawei’s Dorado All-flash storage technology also has been equipped with AI capabilities, where Machine Learning technology is used to analyse the performance of the storage system. 

Predictive AI technology analyses traffic and performance at the storage level and is able to support tiering of data. The inbuilt AI capabilities work in combination with Secure Snapshot and Write Once Read Many (WORM) features to detect possible threats and mitigate risks of data attacks, especially ransomware.

Huawei’s Idea hub is also described as an all-in-one AI-Powered solution for conferencing, training, remote and onsite learning- allowing teams to synergize on common projects both remotely and onsite.


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