5 Types of women you should never date

5 Types of women you should never date

As we go on dates trying to cast our nets wide in search of ‘the ONE’ we come across different types of people, some with traits we would rather avoid.

Dating is not about critically evaluating potential partners, because you can never find anyone who is perfect, but learning which flaws you are willing to handle for the sake of a solid relationship.

Healthy relationships are a two way street and are vital for our overall well-being, both parties need to learn how to be the best version of themselves for their partners.

However, sometimes it may seem like everyone you settle for is the ‘wrong ONE’. Well, if you’re one of these guys, below are six kinds of women to avoid:

  1. The psycho.


These women can be the most beautiful women in the planet, sometimes supermodel gorgeous and you even find yourself pinching yourself to prove you’re not dreaming… she is actually dating you!

Her beauty easily blinds you; she is a special kind of crazy! This girl will stalk your social media profiles, she will even find distant cousins that you never knew you even had.

She has anger outbursts, unpredictable moods, one minute she loves you and the next is biting your head off.

She may have an actual personality disorder and zero insight about her behavior.

She may even say she is “PMS-ing” but do not buy that excuse.

You might need to change your number or move houses if you leave this kind of woman.


  1. The damsel in distress.

You must ask yourself, why is she always having problems?  Why is there always something bad happening to her.

You don’t need to be a superhero. Rescuing that troubled woman can be somehow appealing.

She has a low paying job and she can’t foot her car loan once again so you pity her and this tugs at your heartstrings and you foot yet another bill for her. She is incapable of pulling herself up by her bootstraps.

Just remember, if you rescue a damsel in distress, you end up with nothing more than a distressed damsel. Ask yourself what will happen if you needed to count on her.

You should not have to rescue a person time and again. Run!


  1. The needy one.


She is a bottomless well of needs. Clingy is the word.

You must constantly reassure her of your love and that everything in the relationship is okay.

She wanted to get married from date three and believes you are her “soul mate.”  If you miss her calls or fail to respond to texts instantly she gets a panic attack.

Forget about boys’ nights out, she simply cannot let you out of her sight, and on the off chance she does, your phone will be blowing up all evening.

This kind of woman will fish for compliments from you and is always spewing negative comments about herself.

It is absolutely okay to reassure your partner every now and then, however, a woman who solely depends on outside affirmation to feel good can weigh you down. In fact, you may die trying to make her feel secure in herself. My advice? Cut the weight.


  1. The control freak.


Do you wonder if you exist in your relationship?

These women are as bossy as they come. Some hide behind what NeYo calls ‘miss independent’ tag.

She makes all the decisions and beats you down when you try to assert yourself.

She decides when and where you go, with whom you go on dates and may even isolate you from your regular friends.

Your friends are noticing that she is the one in control of everything and begin losing respect for you.

Take back your self-respect and leave this woman!


  1. The “you complete me” woman

These kinds of women use phrases like “You complete me.” At first it will seem fine when she wants to be around you most of the time as the relationship is still in its honeymoon stage. But soon it will begin draining you.

This may go to the extent of you changing your religious beliefs, hobbies or group of friends.

It is healthy to be in a relationship with a woman who knows that there is life outside of your relationship; a woman who has her own friends and activities to indulge in so as to create mystery and depth in the relationship.

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