Caroline Mutoko explains why more Kenyan men risk getting and dying from coronavirus

On Sunday, Youtuber Caroline Mutoko shared a video titled,” Coronavirus and our men” on her Youtube channel.

In the 7-minute video, Ms Mutoko gave reasons why more Kenyan men than women have tested for the novel coronavirus and why many more are at risk.

She pegged her argument on the premise that men are a danger to themselves on account of their mental and behavioral predisposition.

“There’s a way our men act, think, and react to illness and especially to COVID-19 that will see a lot of them, sick, hospitalized and even dead,” she said.

For starters, she explained that Kenyan men hate water and absolutely loathe most forms of hygiene.

“You hate water, someone has to beg you to wash your hands, oh a shower? That’s new too, the idea that you have to shower in this cold is very foreign,” she said.

The former radio queen further delved into the diet, saying Kenyan men are quick to stuff themselves with all sorts of mean, but trivialise healthy eating.

“You are a big man who cannot eat fruits, because fruits are for kids, yet these fruits pack the necessary nutrients and vitamins, corona will come for you,” she added.

She also pointed out at the fact that most men shy away from seeking medical attention when ill, preferring to self-medicate.

Her video sparked different views on social media, see some of them below.


— Kari Ki ? (@Sheilakari) July 21, 2020

— Ray ?? (@Rachael_Nk) July 21, 2020

— Karani Mutonga (@Karanimutonga) July 21, 2020

Anyway, since March, a lot has been written and published on the topic.

If you don't like Caroline's voice, at least then listen to Science.

— Dr. (@chao_mbogho) July 21, 2020



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