8 IEBC officials rewarded for ensuring credibility in by-elections

8 IEBC officials rewarded for ensuring credibility in by-elections

Eight officials at the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) were feted for their selflessness in ensuring the credibility of the just concluded by elections that took place in various parts of the country.

The 8 who include returning and presiding officers are said to have been injured and harassed by politicians and security officials but chose to stand their ground and monitor the elections to the end.

Among them is Mwanajuma Mwarongo who was the Deputy Presiding Officer at Mwakigwena polling station number 2, in the Msambweni by elections that took place on December 15, 2020.

“Baada ya kuhesabu kura tuliskia mlio wa risasi lakini ilikuwa teargas… ikabidi tukimbie vile niifanya ilibidi nikimbie na nikabebea materials kama majibu pamoja na kiems…,” said Mwarongo.

She says she had to come back after the chaos had been quelled so as to have the cast votes tallied.

Too Kipkorir David, Presiding Officer, Milimani (Nakuru West by-election) described a similar incident that occurred as he presided over the London ward by-elections in Nakuru on March 6.

“Mwendo wa saa tano Nickson Korir alikuja na vijana wakaanza rabsha wakisema Nickson ana bribe voters, baaya ya kufurushwa akarudi na Ng’eno, Murkomen na Kihika na vijana mpaka mahali nilikuwa… Polisi wakarusha teargas ikabidi nimeshika election materials na nikaambia polisi wanisurround and build a wall…,” says Kipkorir.

The others include Carol Mueni Kimeu, the presiding officer at Jomo Kenyatta DEB polling station number one, during the Juja by-election on 18th May, who was bullied by five men and ordered to count alien ballot papers to the point that one man kicked the ballot box she had held on to.

Conrad Ochego, also a presiding officer at the same station, who was forced by men accompanied by police officers in uniform to count and capture marked papers resembling ballot papers she refused and earned recognition for it.

Nancy Wangari, a presiding officer at Gachororo Primary, still in the Juja by election who also declined to count several papers issued to her by goons.

Also, Peter Juma Okura, a presiding officer at Bulonga Primary polling station, in the Matungu by-election on March 4, who was slapped by Rashid Echesa but exercised self restraint to protect sanctity of the votes.

Maureen Naliaka Lusambu a presiding officer at Munami Primary polling station in the same by-election who was  improperly manhandled intimidated, harassed and pyschologically disturbed.

And finally Godfrey Mosota, a deputy presiding officer at Mwakigwena polling station in the Msambweni by election who secured election materials after unknown persons lodged teargas into the polling station compound forcing everyone to scamper for safety.



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