From joy to horror: Woman's triplets stolen, forced by doctors to make a naked search in hospital

Angelina Kalunda

Angelina Kalunda went to the hospital heavily pregnant with triplets only for her and the husband to return home with one child after two of her children mysteriously went missing in the facility.

Kalunda narrated how she got her triplets through a caesarian section and managed to see them after the operation.

“I saw my triplets immediately after delivery, they all had their tags with their father’s name. They were immediately taken to the nursery as I recovered from the procedure,” she said.

Narrating her heartbreaking loss on Citizen TV’s Shajara Na Lulu show, Kalunda noted that eight days later, the hospital cleared her for discharge but she did not know the whereabouts of her newborns.

“They insisted that they had handed over my babies to me and there was no reason for me to stay in the hospital but I insisted that I cannot leave the hospital without my babies.”

“All of them were tagged my husband’s name, they were healthy babies, I was very happy when I laid my eyes on them for the first time not knowing that they would be snatched from us,” she said.

According to her, the hospital claimed that she was not one of their patients and did not have her babies in their facility urging her visit the right hospital and search for them there.

“They claimed that I did not deliver in the facility and my files disappeared mysteriously, something I do not understand to date. I told them that I am not leaving the hospital without my babies and one of the nurses told me that mothers go to the nursery naked,” she said.

Although she did not understand why she nurse forced her to undress, she complied because she wanted to see her newborns. She gathered courage and walked naked to the nursery, in there she found mothers feeding her children but her triplets were nowhere to be seen.

“I was forced to walk around the hospital completely naked to find my child. The intention was to scare and humiliate me but I did it because I knew they were somewhere in the facility,” she said.

The troubled mother asked them to open another room and there she found one of her children together with what she describes as unclaimed and rescued babies.

“I identified my child through the badge given at birth, I tried looking for the rest but they chased me away.  Back at the ward, my husband was unsatisfied and anxious and a scuffle ensued between us and the doctors. They chased us away, and there we were informed that the facility did not have our file,” she shared her heartbreaking story.

They left the hospital with only one child and no documents from the facility. She went back to file a complaint but they were informed that they did not have any information about her or the triplets.

Miracle Kyama is grateful that his mother did not give up on her and is happy that he got to experience his mother’s love. He is the only child that her mother left the facility with and has made it his mission to find his siblings. 

He intentionally looks for his siblings and hopes that one day they will be reunited. Efforts to find them have been futile but that does not deter him from his mission. 

In the interview, Kalunda appealed to the people who took her children to return them and hoped that the children will see the resemblance from the interview and know who their biological parents are. 

“I hope to reunite with my children and be part of their lives for the remaining days. I hope I will get justice and answers from the hospital because I would want to know what exactly happened to my children,” she said.


Angelina Kalunda Caesarian section

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