Mothers' Day: Two generations share lessons and experiences in motherhood

Anna Mutheu and her daughter Joyce Mueni.

Millions of mothers Cherish the day their children called them mum for the first time.

Today as the world celebrates mothers around the world Citizen Digital sat down with a mother and her daughter to have a conversation on motherhood, how it shaped who they are today and how being a mother has changed over the years.

Anna Mutheu is a mother of four, who values availability as the key to being a good mother.

“Time flies so fast and it is important to be intentional and make it count. Although I did not have the opportunities my daughter and my grandchild will get to experience. I am happy that I set a blueprint for them to follow through and make a life of their own,” she says.

Born in a huge family of ten siblings, Mutheu was forced to take care of her younger siblings and at some point, schooling becoming a challenge.

She vowed to ensure that her children get better education and quality life.

“As you have dream and hope for yourself, a good mother will try to encourage them to their best of their abilities. I am happy that all of my children are doing well in their own little ways,” she says.

Joyce Mueni, a mother of two acknowledges that even with little support and immense challenge, her mother set the blueprint for her and her siblings.

She describes her mother as loving, caring and selfless. She appreciatively recalls how her mom worked hard while they were growing up and made sure they had everything they needed. Adding that hard work, patience and honest communication are her guiding values as a parent.

‘’My mother has given me everything within her capacity, the exposure to want more in life with her full support. Compared to me, she had to figure things out on her own mostly and that is why I appreciate everything she does. I have learnt a great deal from her especially when it comes to my motherhood journey,” she says.

According to Mueni, self-compassion is key to motherhood. Also, she notes that as a mother, she believes in being intentionally present.

“It’s been one of my goals as a mom to be more present with my kids. You also need to be kind to yourself as well as your children. Luckily for my generation of mothers, there is like some sort of communities where other mother’s share their experiences so you feel like you are not going through it alone,” she says.

Mutheu says that she relishes and admires her daughter’s confidence and her ability to work and achieve her dreams and desires. She shares that for her, being a mother is one of the greatest jobs in the world.

“Raising a generation is an honour and I would like to wish you a Happy Mother’s Day, remember to celebrate yourself,” she says.

Happy Mother's Day, moms!



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