Witness says he saw cops assault Embu brothers before they were found dead

Witness says he saw cops assault Embu brothers before they were found dead

As the burial preparations for the two Embu slain brothers enter their final day at their home in Embu North,  details of what happened on August 1, 2021, when they were arrested have  emerged.

It is now being revealed that the two brothers who were discovered dead in the Embu morgue last week were driven to the police station, where other suspects were ordered to disembark before the officers, led by two corporals, drove away with them to an unknown destination.

Witnesses have questioned the police version of events that led to the deaths of two brothers, Mutura and Ndwiga, in Kianjokoma.

According to one of the witnesses who has already recorded his statement Emmanuel, 19, was the first to be arrested.

He said the officers started assaulting him, prompting Ndwiga, his elder brother, to come to his rescue. 

They allegedly hit him on the head, and he lay motionless on the ground.

According to the witness, one of the officers then hit Ndwiga, causing him to fall to the ground. He went on to say that it appeared as if they assaulted him to silence him because he had witnessed his younger brother being mercilessly beaten.

After allegedly being assaulted, the two were bundled into the front seat of a police land cruiser, which was then driven to the Manyatta police station.

“Huyu karao alitukamia akiwa na ubaya, kuna saati ya kugongwa hiyo tuliskia, na waliwekwa kwa seats za mbele za gari,” one of the witnesses told Citizen Digital

When the police vehicle arrived, it was parked near the cells where other suspects were ordered to disembark.

The two siblings, however, remained in the vehicle.

The witness claims that they assumed they were being taken to the hospital because they had been injured, but they did not inquire as to where they were being taken out of fear of being victimized.

It is unclear what happened, but police later reported that the two jumped out of a moving vehicle while being transferred to the station.

Detectives from the Independent Policing Oversight Authority (IPOA) have already begun investigating the deaths and are expected to complete their investigation next week.

When the National Assembly speaker paid a visit to the families of the two slain teenagers, Justin Muturi claimed that police had left the vehicle in the middle of the demonstrations to tamper with evidence.

The burial of the two slain brothers will take place on Friday in Kithagari village, where they lived.


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